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Worldwide Casino Equipment is a fully licensed by the State of New York, as a supplier and manufacturer of Games of Chance equipment. We are a New York based firm committed to providing the casino industry with the highest in quality of acrylic products for live table games. Our company headquarters in located in Queens, New York very close to our Manufacturing facility in New York City.
We use only 100% American components and material to make our acrylic products. This does mean that our products will not be the lowest cost on the market. That is intentional because we pay attention to quality and believe you, the casino gaming professional, deserves that quality.

We also Warranty and Guarantee all of the products we manufacturer for 90 days after delivery. If they are found to be defective we will replace them. Simply, Quickly and with No Questions asked.
Call Us At 1-917-834-6635
Worldwide Casino Equipment brings our decades worth of experience needed to providing our clients with the level or service they deserve. We provide for unprecedented flexibility to customize your selections.