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Quality...Integrity...Commitment....Service. These few words summarize the basic philosophy you will find at Worldwide Casino Equipment. Worldwide Casino Equipment provides casino's with the highest in quality of products made exclusively in the USA.

Whether your need is for a few replacement items or outfitting an entire casino operation with acerylic products, Worldwide Casino Equipment can be your source for your gaming products need. We offer a wide range of customizeable products ranging from Casino Playing cards, to poker table cloths, to our unique and patented blackjack and baccarat dealing shoes.

The Quality you will find comes from our philosophy to provide the professional gaming industry with products that will last the rigors of high capacity use, be easy and ergonomic to operate and cost effective. Our Blackjack and Baccarat shoes are made of Grade A Acrylic materials; have well weighted Double Nickel Plated Roller Assemblies and carry an increased 1 degree angle of decent on the slide . Once you try our products there will be no doubt about the Quality of Manufacture. All of our card acrylic products are proudly made in the Good Ole USA in our manufacturing facility in New York City. We now have the ability to offer a wide array of colors to choose from in opaque, translucent and florescent colors for your live table games accessories.

Integrity is found in all that we do. From the first day we meet throughout our business relationship you will be treated with the integrity and respect that you as a casino gaming professional deserve. We pride ourselves on our customer service to assist our clients. We are there for you when you decide to update the color scheme of your acrylic live game accessories or in the planning stages of a new casino. Our Integrity and Commitment to our customers is present from the start.

The Service we provide our clients cannot be matched in the industry. You get high quality, professional products with the commitment and level of care that only a unique company such as ours, can give. You are not just a number at Worldwide Casino Equipment, you are our client and casino professional. And we treat you as such.

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